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A pug.

The Pug is a small but robust toy dog breed with a compressed, wrinkly face. Do you remember the dog in the movie "Men in Black"? The dog was a pug.

The Pug is a very sociable dog, but quite stubborn. The breed even has its own motto associated with it: "multum in parvo" (a lot of dog in a little space). The Pug is a popular breed for a house pet, as it is easy to groom (though it sheds substantially more than other dogs of similar size). Pugs are true "lap dogs", in that they most often want nothing more than to curl up in their owner's lap (and perhaps have a snack). They require regular exercise, and some Pugs will walk for an hour or more. Because pugs are highly motivated by food and can easily overeat, exercise is an in important part of their daily life. When exercising a Pug, however, it is important to make sure they do not overheat, as their short noses do not cool them off as easily as those of longer-nosed breeds. Pugs are generally compatible with most children and other animals.

For more information, see Wikipedia.

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